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Felix Gebhard & Jochen Gutsch, Voßstr. 48, Hannover, 1996.

In late 1994 Home Of The Lame is born in a Hannover kitchen after the purchase of a Yamaha MT 100 II 4-track tape recorder.
Jochen Gutsch and Felix Gebhard need an outlet for songs that they can’t use with their respective bands, Buckethead and Numbfire.
Three cassettes are made in the following 18 months, all come out on Hannover’s infamous n.Ur-Kult label.

Cup Of Coffee. Cassette, n.Ur-Kult, 1995.
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Eddie Lo-Fi. Cassette, n.Ur-Kult, 1995.
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Life Without Parties. Cassette, n.Ur-Kult, 1996.
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After 1996 and playing the occasional local gig here and there, Home Of The Lame is put to sleep.
Felix will take on the name a couple of years later to use it for his solo endeavors from then on.
Technical upgrade to a Yamaha MT 8 X 8-track tape recorder while everybody else is already going digital.
Three albums and one EP are made between 1998 and 2001, most of them in collaboration with Nikolaus Woernle,
and released as CD-Rs and cassette on Felix’ label Home Of The Tapes. A first incarnation of what years later will
become the Home Of The Lame band, featuring Ali Böll, Max Schröder and Kai Bewersdorf gets together occasionally
in various places in Northern Germany but never plays a show.

A Car Is Waiting. Cassette, Home Of The Tapes, 1998.
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Traveller Demonstration Disc. CD-R, Home Of The Tapes, 1998.
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Where Is Home. CD-R, Home Of The Tapes, 1999.
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Twinkle-twinkle blah blah blah etc. CD-R EP, Home Of The Tapes, 2001.
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Felix in Malmö, April 2003.

In the spring of 2003, now living in Malmö, Sweden, Felix quits media school to go on tour opening for Tomte.
That summer the Home Of The Lame EP is recorded in Berlin with Nikolaus Woernle and Max Schröder.
Felix goes on tour with Tomte again in the fall and tours regularly opening for various bands during the next two years.

Home Of The Lame. CD EP, Up For Sale, 2003.
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On the rooftops of our neighborhood. Hamburg, August 2005.

In September 2005 Felix gets together with a group of musicians, among them Mats Bengtsson, in Uppåkra,
a small village between Malmö and Lund, to record the album Here, Of All Places at the House On The Hill
studio with Carl Granberg. It comes out in December that year on Grand Hotel van Cleef.

Here, Of All Places. CD/LP/Digital, Grand Hotel van Cleef, 2005
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The Home Of The Lame band forms in Bremen, consisting of Kai Bewersdorf, Kai Oldenbüttel, Ali Böll and
Felix and goes on two tours in early 2006, one of them a four-week trip opening for Element Of Crime.

Gebhard, Oldenbüttel, Bewersdorf, Böll. Bremen, January 2006.

Felix records an acoustic EP, Habitat, that summer. It comes out in the fall and Felix goes on a duo-tour with Mats Bengtsson.
Home Of The Lame, in its various formats, plays around 80 shows that year.

Habitat. CD EP/Digital, Grand Hotel van Cleef, 2006
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Mats & Felix, Habitat tour practice. Slottsgatan, Malmö, August 2006.

Kai and Kai quit the band in December 2006 and in January 2007 the new Home Of The Lame,
now with Ingo Schröder and Christian Hake, gets together in Hamburg to start working on songs
for the next album Sing What You Know.

Böll, Hake, Schröder, Gebhard. Hamburg, 2007.

Sing What You Know. CD/LP/Digital, Grand Hotel van Cleef, 2008
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The record comes out in February 2008 and with the addition of Marcus Schneider the band plays two tours.
Home Of The Lame minus Ingo becomes Olli Schulz‘ backing band and tours with him from late 2008 to January 2010.
Felix’ label Lametunes puts out a solo EP, Exit Felix Gebhard, as well as a split-7″ with Felix and Ryan Stratton, who go
on tour together in the summer of 2009.

Home Of The Lame Quintet. Austria, Summer 2008.

Exit Felix Gebhard. CD EP, Lametunes, 2009.
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Ryan Stratton/Felix Gebhard. Split-7″, Lametunes, 2009.
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Home Of The Lame start working on what will become their final EP, The Tree Museum, in the spring of 2010
but go on a hiatus in the middle of that, due to all members living in different cities and being busy with various
other projects. As a full band they play a total of four shows in 2010 and 2011 and it becomes obvious that Home Of The Lame is
not going to last forever. The Tree Museum is finished in March and comes out on September 21, 2012.
Home Of The Lame play a last tour in October 2012 and then retire forever, after 18 years.

The Tree Museum. 10″ EP, Lametunes 2012
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Home Of The Lame. Bremen, March 2012.

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Home Of The Lame

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Home Of The Lame was a band that existed from 1994 to 2012. You can read a summary of the group’s history here. Or you could do something more interesting instead.

Home Of The Lame’s final EP The Tree Museum is available in 10″ vinyl format from felixgebhard.com.

The digital version can be purchased here:

Thank you very much!

Home Of The Lame

Home Of The Lame 2012

Photo: Kai Bewersdorf

Sound collage consisting of 21 song fragments from 11 releases by Home Of The Lame. The installation is housed in a vintage 8mm film projector case that served as an effects pedal box on every Home Of The Lame tour since 2004.

Cat On My Lap (The Tree Museum EP, 2012)
New Winter (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Bench (Home Of The Lame EP, 2003)
Without You (Habitat EP, 2006)
For The Most Part (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Sparkle And Shine (Traveller Demonstration Disc, 1998)
Understand? (Life Without Parties Cassette, 1996)
At Henric’s Place (Twinkle-twinkle blah blah blah etc. EP, 2001)
On Our Way (unreleased, 1998)
What You Were About (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Said And Sung (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Ode To A Friend (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Serenade To Sweden (Where Is Home, 1999)
Rooftops (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Maria (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Clouds (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Enterpainland (Eddie Lo-Fi Cassette, 1995)
A Narrow Path (Sing What You Know, 2008)
The Tree Museum (The Tree Museum EP, 2012)
Find You (Traveller Demonstration Disc, 1998)
A Day Like This (Cup Of Coffee Cassette, 1995)

Video for Giant Steps (2012).

Video for The Tree Museum (2012).


Lametunes was the vehicle for a series of limited Home Of The Lame-related records.

No1: Felix Gebhard – Exit Felix Gebhard CD EP
No2: Ryan Stratton & Felix Gebhard split 7″ EP
No3: Home Of The Lame – The Tree Museum 10″ EP
No4: Felix Gebhard – Wise Words For Elmore Bubbles 12″

Order info and (unlimited) digital downloads via Lametunes’ Bandcamp page.

Records with our tunes on. You can buy them and a T-shirt at ghvc-shop.de. Those of you with lesser haptic demands can download them from iTunes or Finetunes.

Home Of The Lame Discography.


Drop us a line: info {at} homeofthelame {dot} com

Video for Old Songs (2008).