Home Of The Lame Poster Gallery

The Tree Museum Tour, 2012

April 2011

Sing What You Know Tour, 2008, Artwork by Nina Braun

December 2007, Artwork by Anna Schilling

Habitat Tour, 2006

Here, Of All Places Tour, 2006

Jahreswechsel 2002/2003

Stockholm 1999
Stockholm 1999, Poster by Stefan Zschernitz

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Home Of The Lame was a band that existed from 1994 to 2012. You can read a summary of the group’s history here. Or you could do something more interesting instead.

Home Of The Lame’s final EP The Tree Museum is available in 10″ vinyl format from felixgebhard.com.

The digital version can be purchased here:

Thank you very much!

Home Of The Lame

Home Of The Lame 2012

Photo: Kai Bewersdorf

Sound collage consisting of 21 song fragments from 11 releases by Home Of The Lame. The installation is housed in a vintage 8mm film projector case that served as an effects pedal box on every Home Of The Lame tour since 2004.

Cat On My Lap (The Tree Museum EP, 2012)
New Winter (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Bench (Home Of The Lame EP, 2003)
Without You (Habitat EP, 2006)
For The Most Part (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Sparkle And Shine (Traveller Demonstration Disc, 1998)
Understand? (Life Without Parties Cassette, 1996)
At Henric’s Place (Twinkle-twinkle blah blah blah etc. EP, 2001)
On Our Way (unreleased, 1998)
What You Were About (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Said And Sung (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Ode To A Friend (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Serenade To Sweden (Where Is Home, 1999)
Rooftops (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Maria (Sing What You Know, 2008)
Clouds (Here, Of All Places, 2005)
Enterpainland (Eddie Lo-Fi Cassette, 1995)
A Narrow Path (Sing What You Know, 2008)
The Tree Museum (The Tree Museum EP, 2012)
Find You (Traveller Demonstration Disc, 1998)
A Day Like This (Cup Of Coffee Cassette, 1995)

Video for Giant Steps (2012).

Video for The Tree Museum (2012).


Lametunes was the vehicle for a series of limited Home Of The Lame-related records.

No1: Felix Gebhard – Exit Felix Gebhard CD EP
No2: Ryan Stratton & Felix Gebhard split 7″ EP
No3: Home Of The Lame – The Tree Museum 10″ EP
No4: Felix Gebhard – Wise Words For Elmore Bubbles 12″

Order info and (unlimited) digital downloads via Lametunes’ Bandcamp page.

Records with our tunes on. You can buy them and a T-shirt at ghvc-shop.de. Those of you with lesser haptic demands can download them from iTunes or Finetunes.

Home Of The Lame Discography.


Drop us a line: info {at} homeofthelame {dot} com

Video for Old Songs (2008).